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Hot Rolled Wrapper Belt

Hot rolling aluminum coils wrapper belts are used in the aluminum hot rolling production line. Our Hot rolling aluminum coils wrapper belts are widely used in SMS equipment. This kind of belt has high strength and high temperature resistance. It can replace the steel mesh belt and it is not easy to scratch the aluminum plate and improve the product qualification rate.

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Hot rolled wrapper belts

Belt Model: K90-Y

Surface material: KEVLAR staple fiber

Back material: KEVLAR filament seamless weave

Thickness: 10MM ± 0.5MM

1% in width Tensile strength: 130N / MM

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 900N / MM

Surface and steel friction coefficient: 0.6

Maximum operating speed: 400 m / min

Recovery: Belt stretched to 2.5% recovery

Minimum turning wheel diameter: Forward: 70MM

                Reverse: 120MM

Temperature limit: -40 ℃ -120 ℃

Belt advantages Features:

The belt uses KEVLAR super braided fiber, high strength and good flexibility, high temperature, suitable for SMS and other hot rolled coil wrapping machine.


Our advantages

1.The company has a standard production workshop of 2000 square meters, 40 employees, sales and service personnel 5. With more than 10 industrial belt independent invention patents, our company developed and produced PU seamless belt to break the monopoly of Europe and the United States in the industry, in the application has been better than similar products in Europe and america.

2. To break the monopoly of the Japanese NITTA hygiene products industry, our company imported silicone belt wear resistance, anti inflation, high precision in the visual inspection.

3.The company has a large number of inventory, the fastest speed to meet customer demand, the company has advanced precision testing equipment to ensure product quality.

4. The company has always adhered to the independent product development, catch up with foreign first-class quality, continuous innovation, break through the traditional production, customers most appropriate, best quality products, dedicated to all staff to contribute to China industrial development.



1.Unit price:The price depends on the quantity and the specification you choose.
2.Discount:According to the quantity of order.

1.We supply for free samples based on our own products.
2.Customer need to pay the freight cost.
3.Sample can be designed according to customers' demand. 
4.Processing time:3-5 days for sample produce process.

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