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Steel Slitter Belt

Used in the stripping machine of steel plate or aluminum plate, also called tensioner belt.

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Usage: Used in the stripping machine of steel plate or aluminum plate, also called tensioner belt.


Technical Data of steel slitter belt

 A.Technical feature

Material of surface:TPU;

Hardness:SHORE -A70

Surface thickness:2.0mm

Material of middle:High resilience polyester fiber

Thickness of middle:2.0mm/4.0mm

Underlying material:High strength polyester fiber tensile layer

Underlying thickness:1.2mm

 B.Minimum Turning diameter:



 C.Pulling tension:

Tensile strength:220Kg/cm

Tension of 1%Elongation:17kg/cm

 D.Frictional Coefficient with the Steel Plate

Surface:0.96; bottom:0.22



1.What do our company mainly produce?

We are professional manufacturer industrial belts, including PVC/PU conveyor belts, timing belts, and other special belts, which are wildly applied in various fields, such as ceramic marble production lines, foods industry, logistic industry and other industries.

2. What terms do our company use in our international trade?
We usually do business in EXW Shanghai. But if you have special requirement, we can also do in your convenience.

3. when is the lead time of each order?
Usually we can finish a order in 15 days, but it can vary according to the quantity of your order.

4. Where is our company?
The headquarter of our company is located in Shanghai. Our factory is in Kunshan.
5. Can you provide samples?
Yes. Samples are free offered.

6. Are our belts standard or nonstandard? Can we produce in your special requirements?
Most of our belts are nonstandard and of course we can produce in your requirements. For those standard products, there are also several options in different sizes for your choice. For conveyor belts, you can chose your sizes of different width, length and also thickness. For timing belts, not only you can decide on the size, but you can ask to add some special material, such cloth or rubber onto the belts.

Why choose us
1. Focus on research and development
2. The products cover widely
3. On time delivery
4. The introduction of advanced equipment
5. Professional Team
6. Keep High Quality

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