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  • Fireplace Rope

    1. fireplace rope are made from continuous filament textured C or E glass yarns and are very strong, elastic and flexible. 2. fireplace rope are widely used as gaskets in industrial ovens and furnaces, boilers and wood ovens. 3.The fireplace rope is an ideal substitute...
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  • 10mm Fire Rope

    10mm fire rope 10mm fire rope applied in many high performance land and marine applications, 10mm fire rope from XUANZE ranges in braid type and diameter. Harsh environments like the deep ocean, high heat and even space don’t make a difference to you when you choose this high...
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  • 8mm Fire Rope

    Braided Kevlar 8mm fire rope Used in marine, mooring and towing Our factory in shanghai 1.Material: Kevlar 2.Diameter: 8mm 3.Fire Resistant 4.Various color: yellow 5.Welcome to our factory The detail quantity and price, please contact us. Characteristics High temperature...
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  • Dupont Kevlar Sleeve

    DuPont Kevlar sleeve DuPont Kevlar sleeve usually be wrapped on the glass furnace roller to avoid the glass from coming out of the temperature too high, it is easy to explode and scratch when it comes into contact with the cold roller path. Description Introduction DuPont...
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  • Kevlar Heat Resistant Sleeve

    Kevlar sleeve are made from Kevlar fiber for higher heat resistance Soft and comfortable, suitable for long time use Provides cutting, slash protection and wear protection Aramid Fabric are high toughness, light weight, extremely high strength and shock-absorbing. It is the...
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  • Kevlar Aramid Sleeve

    K evlar aramid sleeve Kevlar aramid is woven into a sleeve so you can easily make straight or curved pipes with no seams. These Kevlar aramid sleeves will expand in diameter and enlarge the length when pull the ends, diminish in diameter and enlarge the length when push the...
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  • Yellow Kevlar Sleeve

    Overview The full name of aramid is called PPTA. It is a new synthetic fiber with high strength and modulus.Its weight is 1/5 of steel,strength is 5-6 times of it, modulus is 2-3 times of steel,tenacity is 2 times of it. Laying up sleeves is predictable, repeatable, and...
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  • Kevlar Felt Fabric

    Kevlar felt fabric Kevlar felt fabric uses Kevlar super braided fiber as raw material, having high strength and good flexibility and heat-resistant advantages. Kevlar felt fabric is suitable for aluminum extrusion industry and glass industry. Description Advantages &...
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  • Kevlar Roller Cover

    kevlar roller cover are ideally suited for protecting sensitive or surface-critical products to prevent dents, scratches and marks caused by roller handling systems. kevlar roller cover is customized to your current drum size to ensure accurate sliding fit. Based on...
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  • Aramid Felt Fabric

    aramid felt fabric Aramid felt fabric is made of 100% Kevlar fiber. Aramid felt fabric has excellent high temperature resistant performance. Aramid felt fabric is cut resistance, abrasive resistance and high chemical resistance. Aramid felt fabric has long product life cycle....
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  • heat resisting woven kevlar flat belt

    heat resisting woven kevlar flat belt is a kind of banded belt woven by Kevlar aramid fiber. It is used for transporting glassware. It can resist high temperature. and has high chemical resistance, cut resistance, corrosion resistance....
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  • Kevlar Flat Belt

    Kevlar flat belt Kevlar flat belt is a kind of banded belt woven by Kevlar 3161. Kevlar flat belt is used for transporting glassware. Kevlar flat belt can resist 550 degree centigrade. Kevlar flat belt has high chemical resistance, such as acid and alkali. Description...
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