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  • Braided Kevlar Rope

    braided kevlar rope 1.braided kevlar rope is made of DuPont Aramid fiber. Aramid fiber has the advantages of high temperature resistance, fire retardant, high pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and good mechanical properties....
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  • Kevlar Core Rope

    Kevlar core rope Kevlar core rope is made of Kevlar yarn, and it is a kind of braided rope. Kevlar core rope is used for transporting glass in tempering furnace. Kevlar core rope is high-temperature resistance, using Kevlar as raw material. Kevlar core rope is cut resistance,...
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  • Kevlar Tow Rope

    Specifications: Product name: XuanZe Kevlar Tow Rope Temperature range: 670°C to 715°C Width: 2mm - 20mm Material: Kevlar Thickness: 2mm-10mm Color: Yellow Length: 100-500m/roll Shape: Round/Flat/Square Shipment: About 10 to 15 days after your confirmed products MOQ: flexible...
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  • Kevlar Winch Rope

    Kevlar winch rope Kevlar winch rope has strict quality control. Kevlar winch rope is dependable product and recognize wide support from our client. Kevlar winch rope order will get quick reply and active reaction. Description Advantages 1. Strict quality control 2. Quick...
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  • Kevlar Rope Wick

    1.kevlar rope wick is a High quality heat restaince kevlar rope, kevlar rope wick is made from Kevlar fiber,the material is Kevlar fabric, para aramid. 2. kevlar rope wick T are regular rope sizes Of 8*3mm, 8*4mm, 10*3mm, 10*3.5mm, 10*4mm, 12*3mm, 12*3.5mm, 12*4mm,12*5.5mm,...
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  • Kevlar Fire Rope

    Kevlar fire rope Kevlar fire rope is high-temperature resistance, using Kevlar as raw material. Kevlar fire rope has characteristics of high modulus, anti-static and electricity insulation. Kevlar fire rope has high density, high strength and light weight features. Kevlar...
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  • Kevlar Tape

    Hot sale high quality kevlar tape suppliers With Good Service With high strength, high modulus, flame resistance, strong toughness, good insulation, corrosion resistance and good weaving property, they’re mainly used in bullet-proof vests, bullet-proof helmet, extra cut proof...
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  • Aramid Fiber Rope

    aramid fiber rope Aramid fiber rope is high-temperature resistance, using Kevlar as raw material. Aramid fiber rope is cut resistance, flame resistance and corrosion resistance. Aramid fiber rope has high density, high strength and light weight features. Aramid fiber rope has...
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  • Fireproof Rope

    1. fireproof rope has high temperature resistance and works from minus 100 degrees to 500 degrees. 2. fireproof rope is widely used due to its wear resistance, cutting resistance, and high temperature resistance. It can be used in a variety of industries, especially in...
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  • Fire Resistant Rope

    fire resistant rope Fire resistant rope with braided structure is made of 100% DuPont Kevlar aramid fiber. Fire resistant rope is used for transporting glass in tempering glass industry. Fire resistant rope has features of high-temperature resistance, cut resistance, wear...
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  • 3mm Fire Rope

    Brief introduction Our Kevlar 3mm fire rope consists of a tightly stranded aramid core with an outer braid of the same aramid fiber. No lubricants or finishes are applied to the yarns. The rope maintains its smooth, round cross section when formed around the conveyor rollers....
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  • Fire Retardant Rope

    fire retardant rope Fire retardant rope applied in many high performance land and marine applications, Fire retardant rope from XUANZE ranges in braid type and diameter. Harsh environments like the deep ocean, high heat and even space don’t make a difference to you when you...
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