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  • Kevlar Felt Fabric

    Kevlar felt fabric Kevlar felt fabric uses Kevlar super braided fiber as raw material, having high strength and good flexibility and heat-resistant advantages. Kevlar felt fabric is suitable for aluminum extrusion industry and glass industry. Description Advantages &...
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  • Kevlar Roller Cover

    kevlar roller cover are ideally suited for protecting sensitive or surface-critical products to prevent dents, scratches and marks caused by roller handling systems. kevlar roller cover is customized to your current drum size to ensure accurate sliding fit. Based on...
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  • Aramid Felt Fabric

    aramid felt fabric Aramid felt fabric is made of 100% Kevlar fiber. Aramid felt fabric has excellent high temperature resistant performance. Aramid felt fabric is cut resistance, abrasive resistance and high chemical resistance. Aramid felt fabric has long product life cycle....
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XUANZE: Professional felt manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you're going to buy or wholesale bulk customized felt at cheap price, welcome to get quotation from our factory.

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