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Positive Drive Conveyor Belt

Uses: used to transport food, meat, meatballs, vegetables, seafood, etc. The positive drive conveyor belt passed the SGS secondary mildew test. The solid thermoplastic structure of the conveyor belt avoids dead spots, promotes effective cleaning, and achieves zero bacterial conditions, reducing cleaning time (75% reduction) and cleaning costs.

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1.Less maintenance
the positive drive conveyor belt is lightweight and easy to install, avoiding the tension adjustment, rectification and cleaning problems common with conventional flat belts. The conveyor is loosely mounted on the conveyor and does not require correction or cornering. T conveyor belts have a long service life, which is five times the service life of traditional flat belts (depending on the specific application), thus saving users a lot of money.
2.First-class quality
The timing belt uses custom equipment to produce the top, homogenous, solid thermoplastic material of the conveyor belt. Accessories such as buckets, baffles and sync side panels are permanently molded onto the conveyor belt by a "recessed" base.
High-quality conveyor belts and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes enhance the reliability, performance and structural integrity of the entire system, ensuring productivity and food safety.
Increased production The surface of the conveyor belt is homogeneous, ensuring thorough cleaning and shaving, avoiding liquid loss, preventing product residue from sticking or trapping in conveyor material. The product does not stay on the conveyor belt when it is not necessary, thus increasing throughput and reliability.


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